Joan Marie Misner

Joan is a NASA engineer, a commercial astronaut in training and a STEM advocate based in Florida. 

My Mission

To humanize the STEM profession, empower others to pursue STEM-related careers, and bring STEM education to underrepresented communities. 

How Technology Plays a Role

As an engineer who launches rockets, Lenovo’s technology will help support my training and work across several disciplines: sharing rocket designs/drawings, monitoring biometric data, and verifying all checkpoints have been completed prior to launch.

As a STEM advocate, I have found a new passion for Science Communication. Through creating content on social media, I am helping change the narrative of what a female engineer looks like by sharing insights on what I do in the space industry and my journey. With Lenovo’s tech, I will be able to work from anywhere and be more efficient when creating and editing content.

Be a Part of the Journey

Follow me on Instagram (@YourFemaleEngineer) and TikTok (@YourFemaleEngineer) to be part of my #LenovoInnovators journey and support my mission. 



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