Media Contacts

Global Corporate Media Contacts

Charlotte West (based in UK time zone)
Tel/Whatsapp: +44 7825 605720
WeChat: @CharlotteWest

Stuart Gill (based in UK time zone)
Tel/Whatsapp: +44 7917 437532

Angela Lee (based in Hong Kong time zone)
Tel/Whatsapp: +852 97888412
WeChat: angelalee0001

Zac Lambert (based in US time zone – PT)

Regional Corporate Media Contacts

u Yang

Asia Pacific
Jacinth Chen
Tel/Whatsapp: +65 9088 7679

Europe, Middle East and Africa
Borja Velon Lepine

North America
Lisa Marie Ferrell
Tel/Whatsapp: +1 919.402.6092
WeChat: lferrell1

Barbara Toscano

Latin America
Mariano Besler
Tel/Whatsapp: +5491149395176
WeChat: @MarianoBesler

Business Group/Product Media Contacts

Product Reviews
Jeff Witt
Tel/Whatsapp: +1 919 257-5184
WeChat: jeffwitt

Luciana Vedovato

Intelligent Devices Group
Wendy Fung
Tel/Whatsapp: +1 323 682 2457
WeChat: @WendyFungirl

Commercial/Think PC
Adrian Horne
Tel: +33 6 88 21 98 61
Whatsapp: +33 7 68 25 78 73
WeChat: @adrianhorne

Infrastructure Solutions Group
Elizabeth Suppa

Claire Simmons

Solutions & Services Group
Kinan Suchaovanich


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