Web Summit 2019 – Insights on the Future of Technology

This week Lenovo joined more than 70,000 people from industry giants, leading brands and groundbreaking startups in beautiful Lisbon to attend Web Summit. One of the largest tech conferences in the world known for redefining the future of technology.

Throughout the week, four of our leaders from across the business shared their insights, discussed industry trends and focused on one mission: to share Lenovo’s vision for Smarter Technology for All.

Paul J. Walsh, Lenovo’s Global Chief Digital Officer, talked about the customer journey and how the future will not only be about building new technology but also creating new experiences and applications that improve the human experience.

Fiona O’Brien, Lenovo’s EMEA Chief Channel Officer, talked about the strides being made by women in tech and empowers them to overcome barriers they may face in the industry.

John Gordon, Lenovo’s President of Commercial IoT, talked about the customer experience transformation for global companies.

Art Hu, Lenovo’s Global CIO, talked about going beyond the hype of technology. In the 4th Industrial Revolution where data drives everything, success is not just about taking advantage of the latest technology. It’s also about focusing on outcomes that are deeply rooted in your business strategy.

Watch the video below to hear their insights and what excites them most about the future of tech.



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