The New World of Work: Redefining D&I and Engaging an Evolving Workforce

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) has become a measure of performance on every corporate agenda, but it’s not only about ticking demographic boxes or living solely as an HR function.

Research shows that D&I becomes even more imperative now with a workforce that, for the first time, spans four generations, each bringing their unique experiences and needs to the table. Today’s workers are asking more from the workplace and demanding to see D&I at the center of their employers’ business practices.

Lenovo’s Fiona O’Brien, Chief Channel Officer and Head of Operations in EMEA, takes the virtual stage at the Women in Tech World Series Online Festival this week to explore the expanding definitions of inclusion beyond race and gender, how new generations working together shifts employee’s expectations of an employer, and how technology has the potential to be the great equalizer among socio-economic groups.

Learn more about the insights behind the presentation in Lenovo and Intel’s Diversity and Inclusion in the Global Workforce study.



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