Lenovo Foundation: One Year Later

A year ago today, Lenovo launched the Lenovo Foundation, its non-profit charitable giving arm. The company celebratethe launch with a bold move by changing its name to a message of care for one day. Lenovo became “Love on” on our website, social media, and even on our headquarters office signage in the U.S. and ChinaWe engaged employees in events that aligned to our mission: empowering diverse and minority populations with access to technology and STEM education. We even held a round of Love on mini grants” to celebrate the Foundation’s launch, giving $10k USD to mission-aligned organizations around the world.   

What have we accomplished one year after the grand gesture of the Lenovo Foundation’s launch? 

A year after launch, we want to share our gratitude to everyone who helped Lenovo Foundation work toward our mission of empowering diverse and minority communities with access to technology and STEM education. We are focused on our strategic giving, community impact, and employee engagement goals, and look forward to accomplishing even more in the years to come. 


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