STEM at Home: Magnetic Beard

We’re making facial hair even more polarizing on this episode of Stem At Home. Get ready to build an electromagnet and grow a magnetic beard. Ready. Set. Grow.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Gather you iron nail and copper wire.


Cut off a 24″ length of copy wire with your wire cutter.


Wrap the copper wire tightly around the nail.


Make sure the copper wire is wrapped around the full length of the nail.


Grab your 6-volt battery.


Connect the ends of your wire to the bottom of the battery’s terminals.


Your magnet should be working. Test it out on your paper clips.


Tape a drawing of face onto the top of a cardboard box and carefully place the iron filing on the face.


Move your magnet around inside the box to activate the iron filings on the face drawing.

Your Instructor: Kevin Beck

Lenovo "Explainer of Things" Kevin Beck

A life-long science geek, Kevin is also the Resident Explainer of Things at Lenovo, which means he breaks down complex technology into simple subjects the rest of us can understand. Kevin currently lives in North Carolina with his wife.

Congratulations on making your magnetic beard. We hope you enjoyed learning about magnetic fields, something we think about every day when designing and building our computers. Be sure to share your magnetic beard with #StemAtHome. 


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