MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. , April 28, 2005 – IBM today announced that Omnicell, Inc., a leading provider of patient safety solutions, is equipping its staff with ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktops designed to help reduce IT support costs, help-desk calls and direct IT staff intervention.

Omnicell is replacing its existing PC solution with ThinkPad T42 notebooks and ThinkCentre M51 desktops to help streamline its IT infrastructure and reduce reliance on IT staff.

“With the majority of our end-users on the road, we were experiencing significant losses in productivity every time a PC failed,” said Jimi Mattingly, Senior IT Operations Engineer, Omnicell. “In our evaluation of our PC solution, we recognized that we needed a vendor that would be more than a commodity. With ThinkPad and ThinkCentre PCs with ThinkVantage Technologies, we get the added value that decreases the total cost of ownership.”

Healthcare facilities across the United States and Canada use Omnicell solutions within their organizations. Providing individualized support to each customer, Omnicell’s mobile workforce requires a PC solution that will support all-day computing, multiple wireless configurations and the most secure data protection available. Omnicell chose the ThinkPad T42 notebook with integrated fingerprint reader, a high-performing 8-cell battery, and the Active Protection System, an onboard accelerometer that helps prevent data loss and downtime if the system experiences a sudden change in motion, such as in a fall.

Omnicell’s fleet of ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktops rely on ThinkVantage Technologies, enabling end-users to quickly deploy connect, protect and support their PCs. These technologies include Rescue and Recovery, a one-button recovery solution in the event of a system software failure; Access Connections, a utility that allows users to easily switch between wireless and wired network settings; and the Embedded Security Subsystem, a hardware- and software-based technology that helps protect vital security information.

About Omnicell Established in 1992, Omnicell is a leading provider of patient safety solutions preferred by nurses. Improving patient care by enhancing operational efficiency, Omnicell solutions are used throughout the healthcare facility—in the pharmacy, nursing units, surgical services, cath lab, and all the way to the patient’s bedside. The company’s MedGuard™ line of solutions for the medication-use process includes systems for physician order management, automated pharmacy retrieval, medication packaging, medication dispensing, and nursing workflow automation with bar code medication administration. For the medical-surgical supply chain, Omnicell’s OptiFlex™ product line provides open bar code systems, cabinet-based supply management, integrated open and cabinet-based systems, and Web-based procurement. More than 1,500 healthcare facilities use Omnicell solutions to help reduce medication errors, operate more efficiently, and decrease costs—ultimately contributing to improved clinical and financial outcomes. For more information, visit .

About ThinkVantage Technologies ThinkVantage Technologies are available on ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktops, which will soon be a part of the Lenovo Group. ThinkVantage Technologies help make PCs less dependent on IT staff or user intervention for basic tasks such deployment, backup, maintenance and security, freeing up users and IT staff to focus on competitive advantages in their business. According to industry analysts, costs associated with deployment, support and disposal account for approximately 80 percent of the entire PC lifecycle cost. More information is available at .


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