IDC has published its country-level data on smartphone market share for the second quarter of 2014. They concluded Lenovo had record high worldwide market share of 5.2% and became largest vendor of smartphones in China, with 12.5% market share. The following statement on the IDC’s findings, attributable to Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo’s Chairman and CEO:

“Building on our global momentum, we have strengthened our position as the world’s number 4 smartphone player and we are pleased with our progress.  Even more, we are proud today that for the first time Lenovo is the number 1 smartphone company in China, the world’s largest smartphone market.  To win, Lenovo is focused on continuing to bring innovation, quality and choice to customers in China and around the world.

Globally, the smartphone market is shifting from premium to mainstream – and this trend favors Lenovo’s strengths.  We have experience from our PC success in building a strong, sustainable business in this kind of environment. Looking ahead, we will solidify our China smartphone business while focusing on profitable growth in this highly competitive market.  We will also continue to boldly attack emerging market opportunities where we see even more room for growth. And, pending regulatory approvals, our acquisition of Motorola Mobility will give us a global presence so that we can become a true, strong number 3 worldwide and a credible challenger to the top players in the industry.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Other research houses have reached different conclusions about the China market share rankings, as a matter of historical practice Lenovo has used IDC’s figures in its external reporting.


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