Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Service Receives First-Of-Its-Kind DEKRA Validation in Sustainability

Through this service, Lenovo customers have offset more than 350,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide associated with the purchase of their IT equipment worldwide

As the demand for environmentally-conscious products and services grows, Lenovo today announced the DEKRA validation of its global CO2 Offset Service. Conducted by the Business Assurance Services unit of this international testing, inspection and certification organization, this is the first DEKRA audit of its kind for an electronics manufacturer. Consisting of an in-depth assessment of Lenovo’s carbon footprint calculation process, DEKRA has validated the accuracy of the related claims and verified the service’s CO2 compensation process.

Originally launched as a pilot in the Nordics in 2019, the now globally available Lenovo CO2 Offset Service helps companies offset the carbon emissions associated with their Lenovo hardware through one of several ecological projects supported by the United Nations. This service is unique in that, while it does not actively lower carbon emissions for the customer, it does the heavy lifting of calculating the average emissions of each purchased device across its lifecycle over a period of five years. That carbon impact is then offset via a contribution to the selected environmental project and clearly communicated to the customer in metric tonnes for easy traceability, thus compensating emissions of the Lenovo hardware purchased.

“Obtaining an internationally recognized validation certificate from DEKRA is paramount for a service like this, as our customers have to be able to trust our CO2 offset claims in order to confidently attribute the compensation to their own sustainability goals. By serving as a trusted partner in this regard, we aim to make sustainability more tangible, transparent and traceable for organizations around the world,” said John Stamer, Vice President of International Commercial Services within Lenovo’s Solutions & Services Group.

To date, 18 months after launching the service, Lenovo’s commercial customers have offset 356,411 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide across their purchases of Think PCs (desktops, workstations, laptops) and monitors. That’s the equivalent of the amount of greenhouse gas emitted from over 77,000 passenger vehicles driven over the course of one year.i

“Within the sustainable services arm of DEKRA, we conduct objective, third-party audits and assessments in order to verify the sustainability performance of different organizations. Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Service provided a unique opportunity for us to evaluate a process that, in a similar regard, supports other companies’ sustainability efforts, and we hope that the resulting validation statement further instills confidence in their ability to do that,” said Roman Zadrozny, Executive Vice President DEKRA Group, Head of Service Division Audit.

For more information on Lenovo’s sustainability efforts, please refer to its 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance Report. Additional information on the Lenovo CO2 Offset Service can also be found on the Lenovo website.

i According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

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