Living the ‘Smart Normal’ in Lenovo’s Beijing Offices During COVID-19

As Lenovo adjusts to the pressures of COVID-19, we continue to prioritize the health of our employees and support our communities around the world as best we can. The pandemic affects our people in different ways, with many working remotely and leveraging years of practice collaborating globally. For employees like Leo Curtis, a product marketing manager in Beijing, new workplace and community safety protocols mean it’s possible to return to the office—but a lot has changed.

“I consider the ‘new normal’ to be the ‘smart normal,” Curtis said of infrared temperature checks, masks catalogued with QR codes, staggered attendance to limit potential transmission, and other new measures. “I gladly give up some freedom of movement for the protection of those at risk.”

[Video originally produced by Xinhua News]

“I absolutely feel a sense of solidarity within the Lenovo community,” he said. “Once the commitment was made, everyone did exactly what they were supposed to do and more.”

Curtis joined Lenovo right as the SARS outbreak ended in 2003 and saw the processes put in place to protect and unify employees.

“That experience was part of the reason I refer to Lenovo as my family,” Curtis said. “I am proud of the company and its leadership for doing the right thing. Before this strongly impacted the rest of the world, it was more unidirectional with everyone being supportive of us in China. Now it is shifting the other way around, as China seems to be getting a handle on the situation and other parts of the world are having a tougher time. I only hope that for all our sakes we take extreme precautions now so that we can get back to normal quicker, and with minimal impact.”


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