Lenovo’s Q2 Earnings – Beyond the Numbers

After releasing Lenovo’s Q2 financial results last week, we decided to go beyond the numbers and dig deeper into some key topics that provide more context to our quarter’s performance – taking a closer look at our growth areas, industry and product trends and insights into the global business environment we currently operate in.

This quarter, we sat down with Gianfranco Lanci, Corporate President and Chief Operating Officer at Lenovo, to chat about global trade, trends and opportunities in the device space and what exactly is helping drive growth for Lenovo’s software and services revenue.

As a global company, we strongly believe in an open market. I think globalization is good from a consumer and company point of view.

An important trend when I look at the future is 5G and the implementation of 5G, which means that people will always be connected, and we need to think about devices that are always on and connected.

Connectivity and new form factors are the biggest trends in the device sector.

When you look at the commercial customer, they need the device but they also need the service, maintenance and the support for the devices. Now with Lenovo offering worldwide premium service and Device as a Service or even Solution as a Service, we see a big opportunity for profit contribution and for us as a business.


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