Lenovo Offers Local Responses to Global Natural Disasters

The increase of natural disasters around the world poses huge problems for communities, relief agencies, and those that support them, especially in the Asia Pacific region. A study by the United Nations predicts that increasing natural disasters could cost the region $160 billion USD per year in economic losses by 2030.

Often times, public response to disasters is dictated by the media attention and resources impacted in the region being hit by the disaster. As a global company, Lenovo is striving to respond to global disasters objectively, based on their impact and the scale of destruction. Lenovo relies on a matrix to evaluate disasters, and works with global partners like Save the Children to ensure relief is effectively provided.

Most importantly, Lenovo has the ability to work closely with its global employee base to ensure that disasters are correctly responded to. With 52,000 employees in over 160 countries, Lenovo is able to enhance its evaluation with a local understanding of community needs and impact. In 2018 alone, Lenovo’s employees in India worked as a committee to respond to the devastating 2018 floods in the southern Kerala state. Employees immediately organized a supply drive for communities impacted, and will help Lenovo provide technology donations during the recovery process. Similarly, employees in the Philippines helped Lenovo respond to Typhoon Mangkhut by organizing aid with local representative from Save the Children, followed by technology donations during the recovery phase.

While many businesses produce products that are in high demand after a disaster- bottled water, hygienic items, non-perishable foods- Lenovo is aware that its products need to be thoughtfully provided during disaster. Disasters often destroy electricity infrastructure that laptops need to charge, and for many victims of disaster, a laptop is not the first thing that comes to mind after a disaster. Lenovo focuses its disaster response during the recovery phase, working with schools, libraries and hospitals to ensure they can recover the resources they had before disaster struck.

Lenovo is continuing to look for ways to not just help communities recover from disasters, but PREPARE them for disasters. While technology may not be an immediate need in the wake of a disaster, equipping response partners with technology -especially mobile technology- can empower and enhance their response. Following Hurricane Florence in the United States, Lenovo donated 70 tablets to the local Red Cross to better facilitate victims’ ability to file insurance claims and communicate with loved ones.


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