Lenovo 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Report: Female and Minority Executive Representation on the Rise as the Company Welcomes a New Chief Diversity Officer in 2021

Today Lenovo shares its 2020 Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Report, highlighting its annual snapshot of workforce demographics, hiring and attrition data, and a recap of the diversity and inclusion highlights of the past year.

Milestone achievements

The third annual report celebrates Lenovo’s achievement of reaching its three-year representational goals for gender and race/ethnicity.

First established in its inaugural report in 2018, Lenovo’s representational commitments featured a goal of achieving 20 percent female executive representation worldwide and 28 percent racial/ethnic minority executive representation in the U.S. Today, the company reports a representation of 21 percent and 29 percent respectively.

Other highlights feature the addition of three new employee resource groups, greater support for disability inclusion, and announcing the company’s first Product Diversity Office.

Making progress

Since Lenovo first began reporting its workforce representation three years ago, the company has experienced progress in several key areas.

Gender, globally

  • The representation of women within the overall workforce remained consistent from 2019 at 36 percent.
  • Representation of women within executive roles worldwide grew from 18.5 percent to 21 percent.

Since first announcing the company’s three-year goal of 20 percent in 2018, representation of global female executives has grown three percentage points.

Race & ethnicity in the United States

  • Representation of non-white racial and ethnic groups within the workforce grew to 34 percent, an increase of just over 1 percentage point since 2019.
  • Non-white racial and ethnic executives have grown from 27.4 percent to 29 percent since 2019.

Since first announcing the three-year goal of 28 percent in 2018, representation of U.S. non-white racial and ethnic executives has grown 2.5 percentage points.

10.7 percent of non-white racial and ethnic executives are Black/African-American or Hispanic/Latinx.

  • Representation of Black or African-American employees in the overall workforce remained consistent from last year at 8 percent. Executive representation for Black and African-American employees dipped slightly from 2019 at 3.2 percent – a decrease of 0.2 percentage points.
  • Representation of Hispanic or Latinx employees in the overall workforce grew to 5.9 percent, an increase of 0.2 percentage points from 2019. Executive representation for Hispanic and Latinx employees grew more significantly from 2019 at 7.5 percent – an increase of 1.4 percentage points year over year.

New leadership for D&I

The report comes at a time of transition for Lenovo’s Diversity and Inclusion Office, as its long-time Chief Diversity Officer and President of the Lenovo Foundation, Yolanda Lee Conyers, announces her departure from the company to further pursue her passion for diversity and inclusion from a new vantage point. Conyers’s tenure as the company’s first Chief Diversity Officer began at an important time in our history. Immediately following Lenovo’s acquisition of IBM’s PC division, Conyers helped established an inclusive, unified culture and evolved the business as it grew into a truly global company.

Calvin Crosslin, former Executive Director of HR for Lenovo’s Data Center Group, has been named as Conyers’ successor. A long-time mentee of Conyers and an active member within Lenovo’s employee resource group community, Crosslin officially assumes the lead D&I role and head of the philanthropic organization, the Lenovo Foundation, effective January 1, 2021.

Crosslin will work with senior leaders and community partners in the new year to determine Lenovo’s D&I goals for the future.


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