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How does a global technology leader make progress toward that “Mars shot” of net-zero emissions?  

In this video series, we aim to demonstrate how Lenovo is taking action and measuring progress toward net-zero emissions through sustainable product design, conserving natural resources, and increasing sustainability in our supply chain.  

Lenovo is proud to be working with Science Based Targets initiative to establish goals that support our vision to reach net-zero by 2050. We’re looking across all of our opportunities – from product design and use of natural resources to measuring emissions in our supply chain – for ways to improve and share as we innovate on our path to net-zero. In our first video of this series, we’re focusing on how innovative, sustainable product design and contributions to the circular economy will help us reach our net-zero vision. We’re proud to highlight our colleague Kim Fox, Lenovo’s Product End of Life Management engineer and circular economy expert based in Seattle, Washington being interviewed by Mazin El Nagib, our Middle East and Africa communications lead based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

In summary, Lenovo is focused on sustainable product design to: 

  • Decrease emissions during the extraction of raw materials and product manufacturing  processes. 
  • Improve energy efficiency of products over the course of their lifetime by 2030 (50% improvement for desktops and servers and 30% improvement for notebooks and phones). 
  • Increase the amount of recycled materials in our products and packaging, while offering repair solutions and second-life server options. 
  • Help our customers and consumers meet their sustainability goals through increased efficiency and sustainability services for our commercial customers. 

Read more about Lenovo’s Environmental, Social Impact and Governance programs in the latest ESG Report 


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