Infographic: Smart Homes are Older and Smarter than You May Think

Did you know smart devices had brains since before the 1970s? The first smart device was the ECHO IV, a kitchen computer.1

Back then, and today too, smart devices focused on home automation, making tasks faster and easier. Check out the graphic below for a snapshot of just how widespread smart devices have become.

Infographic: Smart Homes are Older and Smarter than You May Think

Today’s smart device is an electronic device, generally connected to other devices or networks via different wireless protocols such as Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, LiFi, 3G, etc., that can operate interactively and autonomously2.

What’s sci-fi today may be tomorrow’s reality: stealth suits, powerful exoskeletons, wrist-mounted computers, universal translators, and jet packs7 are now real technologies. The evolution of AI-driven assistants, smart displays, holograms, video phone calling, and more customer-centric, intuitive devices will continue to reshape our lives. And even smart clothing may be coming sooner than you think with compression shirts that track your motion and heart rate.

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1Echo Picture:


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