Lenovo Foundation Supports UNICEF USA and local NGOs in Humanitarian Response for Ukraine

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As a global company, Lenovo understands its responsibility to support communities when they need it most. The rapidly evolving situation in Ukraine and surrounding areas has impacted and disrupted the lives of many. As a result, the Lenovo Foundation, Lenovo’s philanthropic U.S. entity, has made a US$1 million contribution to UNICEF USA’s response to Ukraine, in alignment with UNICEF’s work in the region that began in 1997. UNICEF’s humanitarian work in Ukraine focuses on meeting the most critical urgent needs for safety, health care, safe water and nutrition, and protection while also safeguarding children’s rights and long-term well-being.

In addition to supporting UNICEF, Lenovo’s philanthropy efforts have empowered employee-led responses in the surrounding areas. Lenovo is providing a double match of employees’ gifts to local NGOs such as Fundacya Dobrych Inicjatyw (Poland), Človek v ohrození (Slovakia), and Fundatia Fara (Romania) through its employee matching gift benefit. The initiative has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local NGOs, most of which were established partners from Lenovo’s employee volunteer initiatives.

The Lenovo Foundation works to provide coordinated responses to humanitarian and natural disasters around the world. The team coordinated USD $15M in response to Covid-19, focusing on enabling distance learning and connectivity for students.

Learn more about Lenovo’s philanthropic efforts at Lenovofoundation.com


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