Lenovo DaaS Bolsters Device and User Support for One of Australia’s Leading Broadband Providers

To ensure timely IT issue resolution and sound asset monitoring, one of Australia’s leading telecom companies has turned to Lenovo’s Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)

During the volatility of the past year and a half, an important, but little-noticed trend has emerged: rapidly rising expectations for how fast IT issues are resolved. One of Australia’s leading fixed broadband providers recognized this trend and called on Lenovo to help put end-to-end support processes in place, while meeting accessibility and end-user data security requirements. The solution was a transition to Lenovo’s “DaaS” solution – Device-as-a-Service.

Emerging need for smooth device and user support

As both employees and their customers shifted to remote working environments, the company worked rapidly to adjust to the new, digitalized normal. It also had to rapidly prepare itself for the workplace of the future. This meat that existing IT processes had to be quickly refined to meet these changing business needs.

During this time, it became more important than ever that the company’s own employees, especially customer service support staff, had access to reliable and stable devices, equipped with solutions which put them in the best position to perform business critical operations from home. This meant that any IT support issues had to be addressed quickly and efficiently, so that employee productivity was not impacted.

Additionally, with the increased usage of broadband services came a growth in end-user support issues. The company had to ensure that the integrity of sensitive end-user data remained uncompromised, maintaining high levels of data security for the safety of their customers. In parallel, information needed to be readily accessible to service support staff working from home, in order to swiftly address issues raised by end-users and ensure continued customer satisfaction.

Consequently, the company looked to implement a proper asset monitoring and tracking system. In this new environment a comprehensive and customizable solution that embraces the digital realities of today’s world was needed.

DaaS strengthened device and user support, with enhanced IT issue resolution and asset monitoring  

The Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) model has become recognized as an opportunity for companies focus on key business operational and strategic needs.

Aimed at strengthening support for the company’s customers and employees, Lenovo introduced a DaaS solution that spanned devices and services, including the supply of all IT infrastructure support and maintenance for both customer and staff-facing hardware and software. This support means that the company’s IT staff no longer have to spend time on routine repairs; while increased uptime means that staff can dedicate more time to serving their clients’ needs.

Services such as Lenovo’s Asset Tagging helped build a strong asset management and tracking system, while maintaining data and device security – an aspect that is key for a trusted national broadband provider. Meanwhile, by using Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Services, the company was able to meet both its environmental and security goals through responsible, certified end-of-life asset disposal: on one hand, by significantly reducing the risks of e-waste, and on the other hand, by ensuring complete data destruction.

With the help of DaaS from Lenovo, the company can focus on doing what they do best – enhancing connectivity and building meaningful relationships for communities across Australia.


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