All Saints’ College Builds a Future-Ready Learning Environment with Smarter Hardware, Services, and Solutions

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No school can say that it was fully prepared for the rapid shift to remote learning at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. But through a longstanding focus on leveraging technology in day-to-day learning, Australia’s All Saints’ College was equipped to kick into gear almost overnight and support their students with the support they needed to learn remotely.

With 1,350 students from Pre-K to Year 12, All Saints’ College is focused on setting students up with the skill sets and tools to not only manage, but thrive, in a volatile, uncertain, and complex world. The school has been incorporating technology into its programs for over twenty years, ensuring that students are prepared for an increasingly digitalized future.

Equipping students with tools for a technology-enabled future

As early adopters of education technology, the school’s arsenal of learning tools included Lenovo’s range of devices—and a 1:1 laptop ratio for grade 4 to 12 students. With devices that strike the right balance between strong battery life, touch screen capabilities, and robust hardware, Lenovo was empowering All Saints’ College to build the foundation for the modern classroom.

Enabled by their Lenovo ThinkPad and Lenovo Yoga laptops, creative students learn on professional-standard programs; senior academic students work in Microsoft OneNote to prepare for the rigours of university life; and engineering students learn how to code robots. It’s not just hardware and software—the services associated with the school’s technology solutions are also critical in supporting students as they grow and learn.

Supporting the next generation of learners in the classroom and at home

When COVID-19 threatened to interrupt the continuity of student learning, the school turned to Lenovo’s support services to ensure that everything continued running smoothly.

Despite the tight notice period of one weekend, 350 students received their Lenovo devices, couriered right to their doorstep. Utilizing pre-loaded Microsoft Intune and Windows Autopilot, the ICT team was also able to ensure a seamless, remote set-up. Through Lenovo’s device management services, students experienced little to no downtime on their devices, meaning they were ready to start classes when the bell rang—no matter where they were.

As public health restrictions ease and All Saints’ students go back on site, the work to create the classroom of the future doesn’t stop. The next item on the agenda involves ensuring that students are equipped with the same device models as their teacher. Doing so will create a single point of management for the IT team, ensuring minimal hassle in the classroom.

The combination of the right teaching and the right technology can drastically enhance a student’s education experience. In understanding the unique needs of a school community, Lenovo and educators at All Saints’ College are contributing to smarter learning environments for students and enhancing their potential for the workplace of the future.


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